Monday, August 16, 2010

I hope to get quoted for the Poeple's Arts Festival this year! Big Plans.

From the first year at the People's Arts Festival

"This will be my 3rd year at the people's arts festival, this is the only festival I do because it's in the parking lot of my studio and the cost to setup a booth is really good.

I am primarily a painter and plan to sell smaller more affordable paintings as I do every year.

I expect at least $300, but I'm sure I do a lot of bartering with many other artists which isn't included in that number.

This festival for me really is about networking and practicing talking to people about my work. I think the crowd is unique because there are so many people that work in and around cultural organizations of Detroit that come to this. I have a particular social worker in mind that I am fond of that became a collector of my work because of this festival. People have come by and told me that they have been watching my progress and admire my work, which feels great because I don't know if I would have heard from them otherwise. This year, the timing works out so that I can use the festival as a kind of advertising and sneak preview for my solo show on September 11th at Re:View Contemporary. see:

The only part I dislike about the festival is that I don't really like the selling aspect of it since I have had people try to haggle with me and it makes me feel like some people would rather haggle then own my artwork which is already priced really low. This year I plan on sharing the booth with my friend Kimberly Lavon from Grand Rapids so that I don't have to sit for so long alone and we plan to do some interesting things such as a raffle to get people on our mailing list for the chance to win free works of art from both of us.

Let me know if you would like anything clarified or have more questions! Thanks for the opportunity!"

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