Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Upcoming show and other good unrelated news!

Lots of big ups and downs lately, but at least 4 big causes for celebration!

1. IF you're around Edinburgh this weekend checkout my works that got into the Scottish Society of Artists Annual show, one of them won an award and will be featured later on the SSA website! (In the Royal Scottish Academy Building) http://www.s-s-a.org/ssa-annual-2013/

2. A beautiful moon last night and a beautiful day today, nice rare high pressure in Glasgae.

3. I substitute taught for the 3rd time for this evening acrylic painting class and they like me so much as the cheerleader that I am that they really wanted me to come back to see them on their last day of class, awwww.

4. I just received my first check ever for a writing contribution! It came from the CCA's 2HB publication and now all that is left is to see it's launch! Soooo exciting.

5. A light bulb burned out, and it miraculously turned back on when I poked at it, at first it seemed to high to fix it and now I don't have to do anything! WIN!

6. My iPhone is still broken, but now I can get plenty of work done! I actually wrote a decent artist statement to work off of and it has helped to clarify what kind of work I can look forward to making in the future.

7. Very inspired by Stephen Sutcliffe's latest video that had footage from the Third Eye archive! I was given a ticket at the last minute, so many shows during the Glasgow Film Festival sold out!

8. I've been have a great time visiting the folks at Galgael and it has reignited my interest into other people's jigs/handmade shortcuts/Uruwaza/life hacks...

9. Collaborations abound! Can't talk too much about them yet, but it's with wonderful people.

10. Letters for AnyonesIdea.com on the US side have begun to go out! We'll see what interesting things come back...

11. I fixed my own bike again! Now I just have to take better care of it and not leave it outside in the sad rain.

12. I am still very happy with my dissertation topic: exceptional artworks that are lists themselves and comment on the nature of lists, learning more and more about the origins of conceptual art, fluxus works, text based works... a lot of great heavy thinking mixed with good ol' intuition.

13. Excited about visiting particular places in the near future:

Glad Cafe
The People's Palace
Mitchell Library (meet the puppet guy... even though I'm afraid of puppets)
Document somehow the whole bike path that goes past the botanic gardens towards the locks (or the lochs?)
Go to the highlands, specifically Iona & Staffa
An intriguing car boot sale that has supposedly surpassed the Barras in terms of oddities...
And more!

I'm going to miss this place and these people... the bucket list of stuff to before we get kicked out of Scotland has begun...