Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I just woke up and I realized that I'm actually going to make it on time for a bunch of stuff the 3rd day in a row.

so what the hell just happened?

notes to self:

+ give up trying to get onto a schedule, instead try remember why you are attempting to prioritise your time in the first place, more time for cooking? more time to relax? more time to do nothing?

+ set a limit of time, specifically, when you'll go to bed, not when you wake up

+ clean, organize, put away or address something right away or else you will start a pile, something to decipher, something to find again later, something to organize again later, it's like stealing time from yourself in the future!

+ consider dinner, consider lunch the next day, consider having only healthy groceries in the fridge

+ I understood the point of being spontaneously giving, but I also just realised you can also be spontaneously not present if I need time for myself and I just realize it, no one tends to mind

+ Don't sweat the big stuff, keep your mind below rushing, below worrying, below anything that will cause a disruption to feeling capable of handling your business, and especially of being aware and curious. If you need to stop, no one can say that a less stressful last year of a masters course means that you did it wrong.