Tuesday, April 5, 2016

First images (impressions) of Vermont Studio Residency

This is a very unflattering image of my studio, it's actually gorgeous being in a corner with three windows and a view of the river. Here are some structures I made to play/experiment with, getting ready for the show at UCLA!

Pretty good timing for those in the April slot. These are longer days thanks to the changing of the clocks prior to our arrival. It means longer sunsets. I haven't seen any sunrises yet, but soon...
Look at how good I am at not taking pictures of anyone's faces! Watch out Google Maps, I've found my calling. A single take for perfectly blurred and obscured faces. Also, salad bar day is everyday. But sausage and eggs or maybe bacon is Tuesday/Thursday, maybe Sunday.

I am such a loser, I had to read this in their library to remember what did I sign up for? Seems like a bunch of people are here to apply for other residencies. Ah, the beautiful diversity of sources for minimum wage income and/or low overhead.

My dad shipped me a jacket when he looked at the weather and I didn't... someone lent me a warm hat probably also out of pity. Thank goodness everything is within 2-minutes of walking.
Vermont Attractions: Bernie Sanders and a Puppet Museum, and maybe Montreal. Nice place this Vermont...

The simple but captivating structures that I've seen so far in the towns on the way to Bread and Puppet are both very utilitarian, but also very intriguing without appearing 'haunted'. I could be wrong though, and I don't really want anyone to correct me on this. There's nothing haunted about anything anywhere nearby where I am. Everything's totally normal and not scary.
One of many wonderful vignettes of a collection of puppets used for political street theater at "Bread and Puppet". Impossible to describe the passion of this place. I will be going back to this place, maybe a few times. Cheap Art Forever!!
Some of these figures are yuuge.