Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Environmental Art...

I'm starting to have dreams about gradschool!

I just had a dream where for the first show, I filled two entire rooms with mushrooms that grew faster if they get cut down, (almost like whack a mole?) they were as big as columns, but light.
And so for my first piece, I created a bunch of what looked like rooms whose walls were Doric columns with inflatable furniture inside (all made of this secret type of mushroom) and while people sat inside of them, I kept throwing cds to cut the mushrooms, which would make the structures topple but also instantly grow underneath them. It looked really cool.

I turned into an asshole at some point though, when I started yelling at people for tearing the things down by hand without using the cds and screaming at my dad to keep filming even though he was trying to talk with some people...

So that part sucks, but now I have to figure out what made that so interesting and to try to make it myself!