Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thoughts before going to Hawaii

My list of priorities when I travel:

1. read on the beach
2. exercise / explore
3. journal/reflect
4. eat and/or cook amazing food.
5. find places / galleries that may want to show my work

New priorities for the next 4 months: (my 'should do' list)

1. Read more, on the list TO FINISH, 'what we want is free', essays/interviews/etc from Judy Pfaff, Mikhail Bakhtin and 'work ethic' from a show at the Baltimore museum of art.
2. Don't do any personal art shows, but work in the studio every day for at least 2 hours.
3. Learn to listen for the upcoming collaborations, think about the concept of sharing skills and the creation and authenticity of trust.
4. Fail at least 5 times in creating something, which means, make the damn thing, and then talk yourself out of showing it, as opposed to talking yourself out of making it.
5. Make mock ups for locations for the guerrilla art project.

Things not on a to-do list that are upcoming (my 'would do' list):
a. taxes
b. artist webpages for: Wiley Macdowell, Mary Fortuna, Mario Moore and Andrew Thompsons
c. 'I don't believe in art, I believe in artists' show at Whitdel Arts in April
d. finish laser cut commission

For the sake of having a 'could do' list:
a. Find possible art shows for 2011 out of state
b. Find more people (interns?) to hand off my projects to
c. Fund raise for gradschool: make a series of postcards to sell? a book? posters/prints?

Past priorities from the last 4 months, how did I do?

Well... I lost where I put it, so... I guess I may have failed. I wrote it in September...

I think one of the propositions was to make 3 really large paintings... I may have failed at doing that one... oops.

If you would like to get postcard art from Hawaii, let me know.