Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My upcoming events at the Centre for Contemporary Art (Glasgow)

The 2HB Launch for vol 16 & 17 is today starting at 7:30

And also there will be a solo show by Cedric Tai and a solo show by John Nicol, July 5th

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Things to explore while in Glasgow

Before I left Detroit I wrote a top ten list of unexpected places to see art.

Now that the end of our time in Scotland is coming (it's August 22nd) I chatted with artist/performer/ball of energy, Jamie Wardrop to come up with an ultimate list of things that one must do in Glasgow and what's worth seeking out. There is an emphasis on things that are free, but also kinds of immersion that would be similar to someone who lives in Glasgow.

In no particular order and no particular time frame:

1. The Glasgow Museum Resource Centre and their free tours everyday at 2:30, sometimes specialist tours...

2. GalGael in Govan, (but nearby the Ibrox subway station not the Govan one) and their weekly evening meal on Thursdays at 6.

3. Lawn bowling, I particularly enjoy the scenery of the one next to the Kelvingrove museum.

They don't even ask to see your proof of residence. 

4. Following someone to a random house party and losing track of time

I still have no idea where I was that night, but it was great!

5. Trongate 103, (Sharmanka, Transmission, Project Ability and the Print Studios are all located there)

Kinetic Theater by Eduard Bersudsky

6. The Glasgow School of Art*

7. Find a music gig... could be in a bar, a flat, a studio, a warehouse, a poetry club, opera house, no matter where you find it, a lot of the music is damn good.

This is at the Bothy at the Hidden Gardens nearby the Glue Factory

8. Seeing a nice high view from the Lighthouse* (also has an exhibition space inside)

9. Hang out in an alley (the location of Douglas Gordon's EMPIRE sign, stereo*/the old hairdressers)

10. Find a favorite view on one of the 6? hills (my selection would be the Necropolis, the Hen run in the Mackintosh building, the stairwell from the JD Kelly, and I've heard there's a good lookout point from a hill in Queens Park on the Southshide, Govanhill)

11. Get sweaty from dancing at the Sub Club or the Arches

12. Being hungover in Kelvingrove Park

You may also find yourself munching on a lot crisps or candy... no regrets, only vague cheese memories 

13. The trail along the river towards the Botanics maybe have a nice cup of tea on the way from Tchai-Ovna

I probably should've used a picture of one of the arches, but you'll see them... So here's some dogs!

14. Take a bus up to Loch Lomond and go hill walking (maybe from Luss)

15. The Barras, People's Palace, Winter Garden, Glasgow Green

16. Tour something underground (underneath the Citizen's theater where old stage sets are, the disused railway tunnels)

17. One of the usual free museums: Kelvingrove, The Burrell Collection, Transport Museum

18. Galleries: CCA, Mary Mary/Kendall Koppe, SWG3, Common Guild, Tramway, Studio 41, Glasgow Sculpture Studios/The Glue Factory, GOMA, Modern Institute, David Dale  (

Richard Wright's wall installation through the large window of the Modern Institute

19. Mono - Good Press - monorail (record shop/buy local zines and press/home-brewed beer and soda)

20. Rediscover the Southside (there may be too much to write in here because things will probably just keep popping up, but there are plenty of gems from Glad Cafe to the Grand Ol Opry) Checking out the really big mansions in Pollockshields on the way to House for an Art Lover*

An image of all the posters/postcards from past shows at the Southside Studios

20. See a play or performance or be part of an experiential work at the Tramway, Citizens Theater, the Tron, or do Play and a Pint

21. Attending an event that happens only once a year and is almost a secret 

Installations throughout the Brunswick Hotel
- Undergraduate Degree Show at the Glasgow School of Art* (the secret is that a lot of people come to just see the Mackintosh building, but they won't be able to access any studios, if people plan it right, they can see almost everything AND all the work of the students, MFA and M. Litt included)
- Insider festival, camping, music, sells out fast
 - Glasgow Open Day (Unbelievable access all over for example you can the old sets below the Citizen's Theater where you can see old sets and the clyde that's coming up from below you) 

* means that somehow Charles Rennie Mackintosh is involved.

Also there's these tours (I went because it was affiliated with someone from the Couchsurfing community):
The very popular FREE Ghosts and Mysteries of Glasgow walking tours begin a New Season of FREE tours on Sunday July 7th @ 7pm from outside Cafe Nero on St.Enoch Square. Evening tours will be Sunday,Monday and Wednesday and AFTERNOON tours will be Tuesday and Thursday @ 2pm.

As stated all tours are FREE but places must be booked in advance. This can be done by texting the Tour day and the number of places you require to 07950 947239.You will receive a confirmation text in return.

Although Tours are Free it would be nice if you tipped the Guide as all money raised will be donated to local kids projects..
Thanks in advance for your support and PLEASE pass this info on to all your friends.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Kresge predictions... haven't heard a thing from over here yet!

categories may not be mutually exclusive...

1 Photographer

1 Abstract Painter

1 Graem Whyte

1 Ben Hall

1 Addie Langford

3 minorities

3 more people related to Cranbrook

2 people who have created community art projects

2 people who either used the skills of John Rowland or Tim Thayer

1 person connected to Susanne Hilberry

1 person who hasn't lived in Detroit longer than three years

The Hinterlands?

A video artist?

Judy Pfaff has a house somewhere in Southeast Michigan and figured out that she could apply?

Those are my guesses...