Sunday, July 18, 2010

On the brink of something really exciting (finally)

I really believe that being upset is an extremely important part of life. Yesterday was very frustrating, and last night Rach and I seemed to resolve almost all of it to think about what we can do together to make things happen. So... she's decided now that she's quit small plates, she's going to help me in my studio as well and even do promotions like I do to make monees! This about to be one insane awesome team.

My goals still:

1. Work towards finding the right grad school fit: surprising myself that I'm fearlessly heading towards 'pie in the sky' dream schools and knowing that I'll be just fine with whatever happens.

2. Work on artist talk: I finally have the basic outline done, but I'm still missing one critical component, I want to have it end with a really interesting discussion, taking the pedestal away from me and back to the audience so that something much more substantial can be gained...

3. Find a really good studio assistant so that I can do even more of what I wish I was doing, more research and development for work, more higher quality products, helping me forward in general. BAM, just destroyed this goal, besides all the people who are gearing up to revitalize the database of, Rachel my best friend, is going to test the waters of being a studio assistant. (Makes me wonder how Tyree Guyton and his wife make things happen, they seem pretty 'on' independently to get sh*t done.)

This is such a memorable moment right now. For the first time in a long time I'm really excited about the fact that I'm really working towards the goals I set for myself, the big goals that I normally avoid.

And more excitement to come today!!!

- baked crispy zucchini patties for breakfast
- studio visit
- treat Andy T to dinner
- imagining Rachel and I biking to the studio early in the morning.

Wow, I just realized Monday is going to be busy... cooool.

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