Friday, November 20, 2009

Maybe the trick isn't giving up, but getting a bigger dream.

I am stuck, hit a wall, part of me is still winded from being awarded the fellowship, anxiety gripping me from doing what I said I would be interested in doing. At first I thought that I need to break this mental block about how I need to make even better work than I've ever done before, and in order to do that, in a way... I need to give something up, like I need to give up my belief in doing what has proven to work, or give up in my pursuit of an impossible goal, or give up on believing that I have to know what I'm doing... but after listening to NPR, an episode about people who really did things in big ways, I want to be doing the opposite. I need inspiration right now on overdrive, I need to be hungry again. I want to be dreaming bigger, thinking bigger.

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