Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Finally figured out how to update my webpage easier... by not updating my webpage.

Testing testing.

Very proud of myself lately, talked myself out of buying the Fein Multi-master because I just thought it would be fun to use, not because it's actually practical for what I need to do...

My new form of to-do lists makes me actually think I'm being more productive while probably actually doing less, but more directed... If anyone wants to hear about it, e-mail me, it's a culmination of 3 different people's advice mishmashed into one clean document!

Um, also there's a couple shows coming up if anyone finds this blog in time. (I swear, I never give ample time to let people know about my shows...) anyways, there's one at Re:View gallery, I'm trying to mull over having work at the Magic Stick, because although Pure Detroit likes my art, it is going to be shown on a pool table...

Also, while in the midst of being really sick, I quickly curated a show that will take place at the Ladybug Gallery!

And finally! I'm looking forward to a secret group show. With amazing secret artists! See you there when it's officially announced?

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