Wednesday, November 18, 2009

crap it started and I didn't even think about it.

so I guess now I'm blogging regularly. if I think about it long enough, it kindof sucks. Mostly, because everyone will know how much time I actually waste, there's a time signature attached to these things... I get sick for four days and next thing I know I'm making a blog, imagining a better blog, updating my bloated webpage with new thumbnails, adding new pictures of work on deviantart, creating a 2nd clean looking portfolio through deviantart, trying to get another recommendation on linked in, figuring out how to make everything get posted through tumblr to show up on facebook, getting confused about how many new programs there are and thinking to myself how to download a podcast or how to use wordpress, finding out what new gadgets the internet has to offer because people keep moving from one thing to another within 3 months, staring at other artists' webpages to dream about a world where I could literally steal how their website looks and is formatted by pressing command + F4... all because I'm avoiding doing the strategic planning workbook from the creative capital workshop... what was I supposed to do today again?

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