Thursday, August 4, 2016

Born this way

Little boy: "Mommy? Why is that man staring off into space?"

The Mother: "Rebecca, that man is a pro-fessional day dreamer, do you remember what that meant?"

Little boy: "That we're not supposed to bother them?"

The Mother: "A pro-fessional day dreamer is like an artist that paints with thoughts.
Daydreamers take in so much of the world in that they become very quiet until they're moved to speak.
We're not just being quiet because we have to be, but it's a sign of respect, and maybe one day Bec, you could become a pro-fessional day dreamer!
The world needs more dreams."

Little boy: "But isn't uncle Sack a day dreamer? His breath stinks."

The mother: "Uncle Sack also sometimes publishes his dreams, and do you remember when you both played the 'movie game' where you both invented a game that involved acting out scenes in movies? This is because Uncle Sack is a daydreamer and sometimes things become real, and sometimes something tells them do nothing at all. 

Little boy: "Why isn't daddy doing nothing? Why doesn't he just do daydreaming?"

The mother: "Ah, this job might be a little too difficult even for daddy. It helps that some people are born this way because not many people can do it for very long."

Little boy: "I can daydream! I can do it for the longest time!"

The mother:
 "Yes, it's always good to practice. We can practice when we get home, more day dreaming!"

(end scene)

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