Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Questions to myself for an upcoming project that are not meant to induce anxiety, but create space.


Does it feel like it HAS to happen?

Does it at least dare to be weird?

Does it capture this moment?

Does it come from a place of love?

Does it glow or is it weighted down and heavy?


Can you hear it, even when you've left the room?

Was it a good use of 6 months?

Would someone else vouch for it? For ownership?

Is it free to leave under its own will?

Is it part of something bigger? Can you speak of it's power?


Did you do it for the right reasons?

What is actually happening? Can you use that?

Can you explain it in two sentences?

Is it framed appropriately? Does something need to be lopped off?

Can you phone a friend?


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