Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This is my version of culture shock:

This is my version of culture shock:

Does anyone know what the American equivalent is for Herculite No. 2?

Why doesn't this reading discussion group have a pot of tea going?

There are so many babies everywhere. (new projects and spaces also count as babies)

I thought I remember driving my own car was kindof fun, why does 20 minutes seem like too long now?

Besides Vince C's blog is there seriously still no critical art writing in Detroit? Isn't there a ton of money kicking around right now for this sort of thing?

/// /// ///

In artmaking news, I am looking for if there is anyone that knows how to disassemble a large xerox copy machine and can help me make alterations?

Is there an equivalent to the U of M's Property Disposition or MSU's Surplus store closer to Detroit?

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