Saturday, April 21, 2012

6 - 6 - 6

Current practice:

6 current parts of my arts practice

15% Fluxus - "do it yourself" aesthetic and impulsiveness

15% Generative art (creating problems to solve) - We make to become not to acquire, make a brick not a wall, creating conditions in which critical thinking will occur.

15% "Creativity comes from trust, trust your instincts and never hope more than you work", believing that working hard enough towards being happy will produce results and to prevent depression and foster leverage for more fun activities

15% "Idealistic Pessimist", philosopher side, questioning everything on one side and daydreaming on the other

15% Inspired by design as seen through the lens of Buckminister Fuller and other things like Space Collective, beauty + sharing + innovation + going against what we think we know

15% Being a part of a community, work is finished when I know where it will go, sometimes the work is within another person and the collaboration deems that the work is already ready to be finished because it has a home. (caring about what others think as well as caring about how to be a better partner)

10% ???

6 types of artist-for-life outcomes, that to me are still not ideal:

Working hard now in order to secure working hard in the future, this is picked up by institutional bodies as a kind of consistency or outcome that they can count on. Future looks like: Galleries-museums that may ask the artist to reproduce 'their' work in slightly varying contexts.

Reading and writing a lot about interesting connections that one finds as a part of their art practice, the 'making' of 'things' ends up being dependent on the quality of the thoughts. Future looks like: Academia where their job dictates that the quality of their work must also include a form of prestige to be fulfilled.

Doesn't find the need to take themselves too seriously and is working on multiple projects at the same time while taking on boring jobs that can pay for really fun hobbies, travel and making complex 'things' with friends. Future looks like: Hackerspaces and one-off projects that don't really belong in any art shows

Works well with coordinating a lot of important events that relate back to ones art practice and has a professional side that they understand well, art is made few and far between but their importance is widely felt within their community: Activist-Organizer that realizes their ideas are best suited to be put into the world by any means possible, even if that means that they're not the ones that are making the work.

As far as useful technical skills are concerned they are experts. They also land really good jobs as well as know how to have the best fun while in school. 
Future looks like: Technician for other artists to the point where their work is few and far between their full schedules.

Conceptually based maker but extremely poor, has the best ideas but no movement towards figuring out how to make a living. Never compromises on the quality of the work, but this is also means that everything costs a lot of money: Future looks like: Artists whose work relies on competitive rare grants and other sources of funding.

6 good problems I would like to have:

Struggling to repay all the generosity that has bestowed upon me in my life, feeling like one lucky fella that can't repay my friends...
Too many exciting collaborations that would all be interesting, however choices must be made and I can only pick one at a time...
Too much time spent laughing, playing music, seeing performances/lectures/workshops and enjoying life that I must work harder to schedule in time to work on the work…
Not sure what to do with this very open ended well-paid commission/having less choices and therefore working more efficiently...
This art piece is really beautiful as I'm making it even though it's fairly difficult to make and it's really really slow going, but it just keeps getting better and better, I don't know when to stop…
Having to adjust to when I am working with a completely new set of tools, and situations because I've abandoned what has worked for me in the past, every 6 years changing up my practice...

actually, I would like to come up with a longer list of good problems to have… 

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