Monday, December 5, 2011

It's official, I've hit the slowest point in grad school...

Just finished level 80 on A-breaker on the iPhone... let me tell you, I've just hit a new low.

In this time I just dreamed up 20-odd ways that my wishful thinking reveals extreme procrastination. (Procrastination if you didn't know is just one of many symptoms of a perfectionist dilemma)

Imagine... Every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 8 pm there is a 1-4 hour lecture/workshop, here is my dream programming:
  1. "A holistic interactive guide to learning complex art theory from the 1960s to today"
  2. "The artists' guide to navigating Glasgow through collaborating with an expert in performance/contemporary dance/book making/clowning/composing contemporary music/directing film/computer programming
  3. "The beginner's guide to successful and challenging interactive art, it's boundaries and its future"
  4. "Silence, storytelling and, historical reenactments: useful methods to start and stop time within a narrative structure"
  5. "Genuine exchange and subversion: a critical look at the economy today and why your consumption not production makes all the difference"
  6. "Radical Art Education today, everyday"
  7. "Given a choice... choosing the calculated risk and how to make your dreams bigger, bolder"
  8. "Minorities, women and the dirt poor: the best artwork/artists you probably missed because you were paying attention to the gigantic gold swinging dicks."
  9. "50 disruptive artists: artists whose sole mission is to destroy the art world as we know it."
  10. "Things that stopped being subversive 20 years ago: How art has expanded, while the definition has stayed the same, trends that became irrelevant through commercialization and the alternatives we still have"
  11. "Becoming a butterfly: how to digest your entire body from a pupae state and materialize into something that can take flight"
  12. "Artists connecting Artists: a comprehensive program pairing artists with MBA candidates, technicians, assistants and interns who share common interests and goals"
  13. "Computer Programming Today: some useful websites that give you the basics of interactive designs and a look at some of the insane new media projects that took advantage of them, with a follow up workshop to work with designers, programmers and coders that might be able to help you make a small piece."
  14. "I'm just glad it worked: astounding jigs, tricks and ingenious designs that famous artists have used to organize their work-spaces and create work efficiently albeit unorthodox"
  15. "The Future is Now! Conspiracy theorists, artists and science fiction writers that predicted activities, leisure and dilemmas that came true"
  16. "Delicious Glasgow: 20 secret foodie treasure troves that offer such things as: 24 hour salad bar, grocery stores that sell entire dinner ingredients that fit in a single bag and feed 6 people, and all you can eat organic soups"
  17. "Do whatever you want, we need it bad: 100 cities around the world that have the best offers to attract artists, you might be surprised where the money is"
  18. "You can do that? A case study of 17 of the most varied art practices and art jobs and the ways that they are all equally sustainable, unpacking the baggage of 'the successful artist'"
  19. "Now that's impressive: curating through the eyes of technicians, acts of craftsmanship in historical art and artifacts that evaded scientists that only became understood in the last 10 years that were discovered by, you guessed it, craftsmen"
  20. "Where's the money go? An interesting infographic on the breakdown of every dollar from every student in the Glasgow School of Art and the new postgraduate programs, construction and calculated use of each workshop on campus"
  21. "Here for now: A sneak peek into art collectors who collect the ephemeral and conceptual art and how they manage their collections"
  22. "Frames: a simple breakdown of the philosophy behind the concept of frames and the history of the frame as used in visual art and a guide to 10 under-appreciated ways to frame work that look better than the traditional method."
  23. "Anthropology for artists: 10 of the most useful tools that are used in the field that can help you see the world through power relations"
  24. "Wrapped up: Contemporary artists who utilize the storing, packaging and shipping aspects of artwork and the most elaborate new practices in shipping, protecting and releasing packaging as well as a hands on workshop on the best packing practices on the cheap.
  25. "Layers, filters and the invisible: nine experts from different scientific fields lecturing on what is visible, how they make things visible, and why they need artists"
  26. "You don't need that, in fact, you don't need anything: A history of artists creating profound work from barest of materials and the spiritual practices that have inspired them"
  27. "Existentialism Lite: How popular movies represent this way of living and the ones that get it (that didn't meant to) and the ones that don't pass the test."
  28. "Give Up: The psychology behind how everything good happens when you least expect it, comprehensive steps to how to let go and even enjoy failure."
  29. "Tenure adjuncts and disfunction: a look at how the higher education system is a bubble ready to burst and the new schools that have formed in resistance since Black Mountain College"

    Ugh... I just keep coming up with these... and it doesn't really help any...

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