Monday, December 6, 2010

I have my moments... (warning do not open if you visualize everything you read.)

So I just came up with my 4th grossest idea for a work of art...

1. To learn mold-making, create intimate, detailed and realistic molds of animals from roadkill.

(I really was plotting how to do this out of porcelain... it still may happen someday.)

2. Find really disguisting imagery applied decoratively to a novelty plate and have food served only to reveal the imagery underneath when the food is finished or scraped away.

(I came up with this idea a long long time ago and then told someone else to do it instead.)

3. While in a sculpture class thinking about reality television and the internet, I was going to make a Plexiglas box with fake furniture in it and some walls with a couple of web cams setup in the corner so that it looks like cockroaches and spiders are in 'The Sims'.

(The big concept was that 'nature' was far more interesting to watch, but I think that cockroaches are possibly one of those things that makes me nauseous just thinking about them)

4. For some reason I became curious what the hell '4Chan' was, only to find that it's an easy way to find  porn and other ways to waste time, so I just imagined drawing myself or hiring someone to illustrate a hentai comic where their entire dialogue is either "The Investment Answer" by Daniel Goldie and Gordon Murray so that banal useful information could be disseminated to a wider audience! 

(Our band the He-Bops keeps my mind thinking about mash-ups all the time)

Also I realize that putting these art ideas out there make it so that someone may steal these ideas and make the piece... but I really want someone to make it, so I don't have to. Anyone else have any really revolting ideas for an art project they need to get off their chest? Set it free!


abigail said...

Do you know Joanie Turbek? She went to Cranbrook, graduated the same year as me, one year ahead of Andy.

She made molds of birds she got at the halal butcher (feathers on).
She'd be a good person to ask for dead animal mold making tips.

LtD said...

reminds me of the tupperware tub of roadkill bones that sat in our daughter's room for more than a year swimming in bleach. She was off doing the grass-is-greener thing by living with her bio Dad in NJ until that didn't work out and we had to collect her from an inpatient hospital and help her get back on track. The mobile she made out of those bones helped her get into CCS. Sometimes I wish she never went there. Events and circumstances culminated in her death in June of 2009. Maybe it was inevitable that she would die of lost hope no matter what. Anyway, it sucks. She had a very mature eye.
The bright spot is this:
"My Walk with Life," A photography exhibition by Maya Sturm is on display at Affirmations on W. 9 Mile. If you get over that way between now and the end of Jan. check it out.