Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thinking about the power of images today... after a lack of sleep

Ever feel a little loopy on a mere 4 hours of sleep? At the same time does it seem to give a kind of ability to dance on the surface of reality, as if having slightly more perspective on the hard work and lifestyle choice that gave you those mere 4 hours?

Today I was enjoying that encompassing fuzzy feeling and realizing how much I really love when I look at images from the past and think to myself, I have never seen this before. This picture in front of me is completely new to me. Just when I think that I know where I'm going, I realize I still have very little idea about history. Well, maybe this is more novel to me because I have this theory that everything we need to know we already know, we just have to remember.

So specifically what brought me to these revelations of realizing how vast what I don't know is even in such an age of information?

I am not embarrassed to say, Sister Wendy's the history of painting, a picture in the New York Times of the  the Magna Carta and of course any conversation with Rachel pertaining to how much fun she's learning about stuff to teach her kids, errr students.

Like bonobos and their GG rubbing.

Geez, life is weird.

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