Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sometimes I don't know what to do about art

Some days it's more fun to make art like a sculptor,
Sometimes I think I was meant to be a performance artist,
Somedays I just stare at intaglio etchings and wish I was a printmaker,
Some days I miss being a ceramicist
Sometimes I just want to learn from fiber artists and have the hours flow by,
Someday I want to teach painting,
Sometimes I just want to make interactive kinetic artwork with an innovative group of geeks,
Some days I wish I knew more poets,
Sometimes I wonder if I'd ever be able to compose a song to be performed by an entire symphony orchestra
Some days I feel like I'm coming up with impossible conceptual art,
Sometimes I feel like I'm just an updated form of abstract expressionism,
Some days I just want to work with lead or resin without having to worry about safety,
Sometimes I wish I could write as neat as an architect and draw like one too,
Some days I am really jealous of directors because millions of people see the message they want to put out into the world,
Sometimes I want to be part of a well-respected graphic design firm that gets to only do large scale fun creative projects
Some days I get a little bit closer to making the art I really want to make.

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