Monday, January 18, 2010

My work in print and how the year will break down.

I am featured in Studio Visit Magazine's 7th edition. I have 3 for sale for $15 and they are also on sale at your nearest generic corporate bookstore as well as Re:View Contemporary gallery.

3 upcoming shows (1 curated show in April, 2 shows in September)

January: I'm trying hard to keep myself from applying to any art shows, but I'm submitting work for the Kresge Foundation's Art in the Office Program: an arts on loan program that lasts until the end of the year. I'm also in a very experimental mode. Playing with a cnc router, silicon molds, small scale wood sculptures, laser-cutting, clear resins and  and but not in one piece...

February: Going to Hawaii from a kick-ass bartering trade, a 4' x 8' painting for a free trip for me and Rachel to Hawaii. Also I will be attempting to visit some schools, and will be figuring out the logistics for art about the Detroit Public Schools... I also want to have put up people's work on before I leave.

March: Possibly going to Hong Kong? Will the Sugar Hill Residency be underway? Recording the next He-Bops album? We'll See...

April: "currently untitled" - A group show curated by Cedric Tai at the Ladybug Gallery in Southwest Detroit. Featuring work by Adrian Hatfield, Megan Heeres, Isaac Richard, Janine Surma, Justin Marshall, Ian Swanson and probably me.

May: My birthday and I will be doing an artist demonstration at the DIA on the 16th, which I also believe is the day that Nick Cave is speaking!

June - July -August: Yay summer, hopefully I'll either be teaching a summer class or working on a community project, we'll see.

September: Solo show at Re:View gallery! Two person art installation w/ Ian Swanson at Starkweather Art Center in Romeo,  MI

October: Um... making a sweet halloween costume?

November: Deciding on grad school.

December: Applying to grad school!

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