Sunday, April 15, 2012

This is why I can never read things for long periods of time...

I started googling articles on happiness and genius and I gave up on articles on happiness because they all seemed problematic, whereas articles on genius were more interesting and didn't claim to "know" what it was for a fact but garnered whatever research they could come up with to show how little we know.

Also, I can't read for long periods of time (5 minutes) for shit.
I was reading this article and stopped by the 2nd paragraph:

"JCM Garnett, in a study called General Ability, Cleverness and Purpose, offered a formula for genius. Measure a person's general ability; then measure their cleverness, then square both numbers and add them together, then take the square root. Genius."

By the 2nd paragraph I somehow couldn't find the will to continue to read, I realized that there might be simple math involved (using a calculator) and I got really excited to test it out and make my own irrational experiment. Once again, procrastination fires it's powerful cannons.

Even though I could probably do a tiny google search and lookup what his actual writing is, I'm going to go with what I think it talks about in terms of measuring these abilities, say out of 10. 

Remember the following is completely arbitrary and made up based on a whim:  

Please take this test... (Out of 2, 0 if not really, 1 if kindof, 2 is true)
A person's general ability:
__/2     I can prepare an entire days worth of healthy meals for myself (this involves multiple fruits/vegetables)
__/2     I know that climate change is real and that we do not choose our circumstances in life.
__/2     I can walk and chew gum at the same time and have never once choked or almost choked.
__/2     I know how to be a good host/guest and I am not known for embarrassing myself or anyone else.
__/2     I am happy

Total __/10, square that number: __

A person's cleverness:
__/2     You learn and pick things up quite quickly and can transfer the mastery from one skill to another
__/2     You are considered one of the most talented people in your field
__/2     You know how to make someone believe that they came up with the idea you wanted them to come up with
__/2     You know how to (or know how you could) do something illegal without being caught
__/2     If you are caught you know how to talk your way out of it

Total __/10, square that number: __

Take the square root of both of those numbers after they have been added together: If the square root is over 10, that's how much of a genius you are, under 10 that just means you're not a genius, although you may be one smart cookie.

To speed up the math, if you got 7 out of 10 on both of them, guess what, you're still not quite a genius but close!
BUT if you got six in one grouping and eight in another, you in fact, are a genius, same goes with if you got five in one grouping and nine in another!

Being honest with yourself what number did you get?
I got 10.6301458, therefore I am in fact a genius by these standards!

Update: I just found out Google Docs has a way to make forms... the procrastination continues...

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