Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Conversations with Rachel

After talking with Rachel, it is in my best interest to pad people's expectations and to let them know that I am prone to a couple of conversational problems:
  • I rant and meander with my thoughts
  • I usually only want to have deep meaningful conversations one on one.
  • I love absurdity, if I can go there I will, it holds a special place in my heart
  • I like to push people to think critically with me but it's a fine line between being rude and upsetting and using conversation as a journey, being rude is the farthest thing from my mind.
  • I let loose whatever is on my mind, especially in that moment
  • I start thoughts out with broad generalizations that only at the end of a conversation reveals what I really meant to say
  • I have a short attention span and a terrible memory
  • If edited, I may actually come off as intelligent, otherwise, I am what I am, unedited.
I made an interesting metaphor today that I wanted to remember. It came after we made-up and became friendly again after antagonizing one another in the middle of each of us trying to get our point across.

When we realized what both of us were doing, I laughed that it was like I was building a bridge out of mines. I wanted her to get to the other side with me "come on, just go with me on this!" but she was well aware that most likely while trying to cross that bridge, it will blow up in our faces. (You know that feeling where you want someone to ignore the fact that you both know that in the moment you're not making rational sense, but that there's a gem at the end of that train of thoughts that requires going through the whole bit?) In our case specifically I wanted her to ignore the gross over-generalization that was part of my premise of an argument.

It was great.

I described to her that she does the mine-bridge when talking about people we know as examples of human behavior, and I do it whenever I'm talking about the society I'd want to live within.

oh well, back to being the best and worst person for each other to talk to. Tauruses are stubborn.

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